Are you concerned about the social consequences of new genetic technologies and research?

The Genetics and Society Working Group welcomes new members who would like to explore these issues and participate in related projects.

We meet twice a month, currently via Zoom, to work on projects and critically examine current literature on subjects such as human behavioral genetics research; human genetic variation; and, DNA-based ancestry and health testing, including marketing of genetic tests and their federal regulation. We are interested in expanding our membership to add members with experience in areas such as statistics, population and quantitative genetics, the social sciences as well as education at both secondary and university levels.

Projects have included:

  • Organizing a conference on race, genetics, and medicine
  • Publishing articles and giving presentations
  • A book authored by members of the GSWG
  • Developing materials to share with educators and the public highlighting social issues related to genetics
  • Organizing the 2019 AAAS panel Human Genetic Variation and Education: Not a Socially Neutral Endeavor

Current interests include:

  1. Analysis of genetic tests for ancestry and health and efforts to limit misleading and inappropriate claims
  2. Exploration of the social impact of behavioral genetic research such as that on antisocial behavior
  3. Sharing and discussing ideas on ways to improve the teaching of genetics

For more information, please contact Kostia Bergman at or Michael Carson at